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Infrastructure with all of the latest technology equipment suitable for laboratorial operations

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Based on a controlled system to ensure exact formulas and perfect formulation

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Various forms of chelated microelements using many chelating agents of either chemical or natural origin

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A complete range of specialty fertilisers and biostimulants for foliar application and drip irrigation.


Ειδικό παρασκεύασμα Πυριτικού Ασβεστίου

Silic Plus

Stabilised oligomeric silicate solution

Experts for your fertilising solutions!


To overcome complicated deficiencies and for the shaping of flowers and their pollination.


Improves nutrients absorption and root stimulation.


To overcome iron deficiency and chlorosis and in combination with chelan Fe to overcome complicated deficiencies.


Helps plants to overcome stressful situations due to weather or other conditions.