Nature SA

A leading company in the production of specialties

 Since 1990, Nature SA is a leading company in the production of specialties for plant nutrition and stimulation, working on development and manufacturing complete ranges of specialty fertilisers and biostimulants for foliar application and drip irrigation.

  Research, innovation and modern production technology are used to bring to the market products of the highest quality giving profitable solutions to every plant nutrition item. Technical advice is offered after sales on a continuous manner, ensuring the successful use of all products, customers’ confidence and satisfaction.

  Nature SA exports its products within Europe and many other countries. It is fully equipped with a powerful agrochemical laboratory, which provides constant monitoring of incoming raw materials and final products besides services in soil and plant tissue analysis.

  Nature SA quality system is certified by the international standards EN ISO 9001 -2015.

Nature S.A. specialises in a wide range of products:

Chelated trace elements in liquid and powder form
Macro elements in liquid and powder form for foliar and soil applications through the irrigation system
Liquid calcium and magnesium fertilisers
Biostimulants (extracts of humic- and fulvic acids, plant or algae extracts, amino acids of plant origin, enzymes, vitamins etc)
Water soluble fertilisers enriched with trace elements and organic biostimulants
Organic fertilisers

Complying with its aim to give an answer to the demands of the market, Nature SA constantly presents new products based on the latest scientific results on plant nutrition.