Quality Control

The latest technology equipment

Nature SA operates a fully equipped, high performance quality control laboratory that provides continuous monitoring of incoming raw materials and finished products, as well as agrochemical services in soil and plant tissue analysis.

Quality control of Raw Materials
Quality control of Products

Nature SA has four main production lines equipped with modern multipurpose machines to produce different types of fertilizers. Each line is under the direct supervision of a highly qualified and experienced production team that applies the highest quality management procedures to ensure that a complete range of products is offered to our customers. Today, many Greek and European companies trust Nature SA to produce specialty products under their own brand name.

Liquid and Suspension Production Line

The liquid formulation production line is based on a controlled system that ensures exact formulas and perfect formulation. It is built to produce various NPKs, chelated trace elements, biostimulants and soil conditioners, and to provide products of the highest quality in liquid and suspension form.

Trace Element Production

Nature SA is able to produce various forms of chelated trace elements using numerous chelating agents of chemical or natural origin. Today Nature SA is able to chelate Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ca and Mg or a combination of all, using materials of the highest purity.

Water Soluble Fertilisers Production

In the water-soluble production line, we produce high-quality NPK fertilizers in crystalline form, enriched with trace elements in chelated form or organic substances such as seaweed extract, humic acids and amino acids.


Nea Efesos

In 2001 Nature SA moved its activities to a new privately owned building in an area of 13000 m², which houses offices, laboratory, production lines and warehouse. Nature SA is located in Nea Efesos on the outskirts of Katerini and is strategically located (60 kilometers south of Thessaloniki) in close proximity to the transport hub of Northern Greece, providing easy access to the main road and rail networks, port and airport facilities.