Nitrogen Fertilizers which combines the three available forms


General Description

  32-0-0 is dense liquid fertiliser, containing nitrogen in triple form (ureic, ammonium and nitrate). The quality and purity of the raw materials used, renders this product, immediately absorbable and assimilable by plants. It is suitable as a supplementary fertiliser to all cultivations and particularly for those that have increased necessities for nitrogen (e.g., leafy vegetables), as well as for the correction of nitrogen’s deficiencies.
  Nitrogen is the most basic element in the nutrition of plants during the first growth stages, as it regulates shoots development, cells division, which as a consequence, increases total production.
  The triple form of nitrogen ensures availability of this element over long periods of time, avoiding abnormalities causing by rapid accumulation of nitrogen into the fruits (e.g. schisms or hollowness).
  32-0-0 is applicable either by foliar sprayings or by fertigations.

Absorbable and assimilable by plants
It is suitable to all cultivations
Increases total production
Ensures availability of this element over long periods of time, avoiding abnormalities
Analysis %(W/V)
Nitrogen total (N)32%
Ureic N15%
Ammoniacal N8.5%
Nitrate N8.5%
Application - Dosages

General dosage​
Foliar: Depending on plants growth and nutrition demands, 200 – 500 cc / 100 lt of spraying solution. ​
Fertigation: Depending on plants growth and nutrition demands, 2 – 4 lt / 1000m​​​​​​​​​​​2.​Specific application periods apply for certain cultivations. ​
Vegetables: After falling of petals​
Leafy vegetables: During fast growth of the leaves​
Citrus: After fruit setting.​
Stone fruits: After the falling of petals and fast fruit growth. ​
Vineyards: During vegetative growth and after fruit setting.​
Cotton: When 6-8 leaves have formed.​
Olives: Before and after blossoming.

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