Nitrogen Fertilizers which combines the three available forms
  • Immediately absorbed and assimilated by plants​
  • Suitable for all crops​
  • Increases overall production​
  • Provides plants with a constant supply of nitrogen over a long period of time​
Nitrogen (Total)25,6
Nitrogen (Ureic)12
Nitrogen (Ammoniacal)6,8
Nitrogen (Nitric)6,8

General dosage
Foliage: Depending on the growth and nutrient requirements of the plants, 2 – 5lt / 1000lt spray solution.
Fertilisation: Depending on the growth and nutrient requirements of the plants, 20 – 40L/hectare. Special application periods apply for certain crops.
Vegetables: After the petals have fallen off
Leafy vegetables: During the rapid growth of the leaves
Citrus fruits: After fruit set.
Stone fruits: After the petals have fallen and the fruit is growing rapidly.
Vines: During vegetative growth and after fruit set.
Cotton: When 6-8 leaves have formed.
Olives: Before and after flowering


32-0-0 is a dense liquid fertiliser containing nitrogen in triple form (urea, ammonium and nitrate). Due to the quality and purity of the raw materials used, this product can be immediately absorbed and assimilated by plants. It is suitable as a supplementary fertiliser for all crops and especially for those that have an increased need for nitrogen (e.g. leafy vegetables), as well as for correcting nitrogen deficiency.
Nitrogen is the most important element in the nutrition of plants in the first stages of growth, as it regulates the development of shoots and cell division, thus increasing overall production. The triple form of nitrogen ensures that this element is available for long periods of time, avoiding abnormalities caused by rapid accumulation of nitrogen in fruits (e.g. splits or cavities).
32-0-0 is applicable either by foliar spraying or fertigation.

Stim 100

Antistress osmolyte-formulation



Biostimulant for better production and improved qualitative characteristics


Biostimulant for overall production boost


Regenerate is a high effective biostimulant.

Action Vit

Organic fertiliser rich in natural organic factors


High potential growth biostimulant, rich in plant extracts


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Algi 50

Organic fertiliser with seaweed extracts

Algi 100

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Hydrolyzed plant source protein obtained by enzymatic process


Humic and Fulvic acids with plant extracts plus NPK


Humic and Fulvic acids with plant extracts


Liquid amino acids biostimulant


potassium-rich biostimulant enriched with high levels of amino acids, vitamins and peptides

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BUD 14

Bud 14

Fertilizer for interruption of dormancy

Poly PK

Phosphorus and potassium liquid fertiliser enriched with trace elements and organic substances


Seaweed extracts rich in natural cytokinines