Strong Adjuvant / Wetting agent



3S is an anionic surfactant formulation with exceptional properties as wetting agent. Surfactants are actually the most widely used and efficient additives, maximizing foliar spray efficiency.
  3S reduces surface tension of spraying drops, ensuring that foliage will be totally covered by spraying solution. Furthermore, 3S ensures better absorption of agrochemicals as it improves leafs’ epidermical cells permeability by sprayed solution active ingredients.

Miscible with water
Soluble in most organic solvents
Miscible with most aliphatic & aromatic hydrocarbon solvents
Chemically stable in neutral solutions and moderately stable in dilute acidic & alkali solutions
Compatible with anionic & nonionic surfactants, but not cationic surfactants
Analysis %(W/V)
Sodium salt, organic acids65-70%

In combination with insecticides and fungicides:
30-40 c.c. / 100 lt of water.

CAUTION: 3S should be applied during cooler hours of the day. It is not compatible with copper-based agrochemicals. If copper application has been previously done, 3S must be applied at lowest dosage.

Whenever the compatibility is doubted, a low scale trial is recommended!