Amino BT

Special composition mixture of selected amino acids
  • Contributes to fruit enlargement
  • Increases epidermic cells plasticity


Amino acids (betaine,

l-tryptophan, proline)


Amino BT is applied through foliar sprayings in the general dose of 1-2 lt / ha.

First application is recommended 3 weeks after pollination. Follow ups every 7-10 days, at the maximum of 4 applications / growing season.

In cases where heavy rains are predicted, an extra application is recommended, by condition that no application have been done 5 days before.

In every case, Amino BT must be applied when temperature is over 15oC.

DO NOT mix this product with other fertilisers or agrochemicals, especially those containing copper.


Amino BT is an amino acids solution, suitable for all cultivations in critical stages of their growth (rooting, fruit formation and enlargement, ripening) as well as when unsuitable environmental conditions prevail (heavy rainfall, flood, drought, salinity).

The special composition of this product, contributes to fruit enlargement (due to higher fruit cell proliferation) and early ripening as sugars level is increased. Furthermore,Amino BT increases epidermic cells plasticity, thus preventing fruit’s cracking especially in varieties and crops vulnerable in this disorder such as stone fruits (particularly cherry), when heavy rains prevail.

Amino BT contains tryptophan, betaine, and proline which offer several benefits in plant growth and development. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is involved in several metabolic pathways and can improve root growth, nutrient uptake, and photosynthetic efficiency. Betaine is a quaternary ammonium compound that can improve plant water relations, enhance stress tolerance, and increase yields. Proline is an amino acid that can serve as an osmoprotectant and antioxidant, helping to protect plants from drought, salinity, and other environmental stresses. The use of these compounds in plant nutrition can enhance plant growth and productivity, improve crop quality, and increase resistance to abiotic stresses.



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