Frost protective formulation


General Description

General Information

The protective effect of Antifrost by temperatures below freezing, is achieved mainly due reducing the respiration and transpiration of the plants. Moreover the balanced composition of Antifrost depress the freezing point of plant fluids and provide greater protection against frost.



Balanced concentrations of potassium and phosphorus have proven to be an advantage in frost and winter tolerance. Phosphorus is known to improve acclimatization of plants, is important for cell division and therefore it helps the recovery of tissue after freezing.

Potassium boosts photosynthesis, impairs the formation of toxic reactive oxygen species at low temperature and maintains cell hydration under freezing stress. High concentrations of K+ protect against freezing by lowering the freezing point of the plant’s cell solution.

Furthermore, an adapted cytosol K+ concentration is also essential for enzyme activities that are involved in regulating frost resistance.

The effects of the high K+ content of the cell in increasing frost tolerance have also been related to regulation of osmotic and water potential of the cell sap and reduction of electrolyte leakage caused by chilling temperature. Also the included organic polyols help as osmo-protectors in the same manner.

Micronutrients improve crop tolerance to frost damage by promoting photosynthesis, antioxidant enzyme activity, membrane stability and cell hydration.

Application - Dosages

Application – Dosages

Vegetables – Strawberries:

At nurseries: apply 2L/1000L spraying solution.

After transplantation: apply 4L/1000L spraying solution.

Next application: apply 1000c.c. per 100lt spraying solution.

Repeat every 10 days, until there is no danger of frost.

Fruits – Bearing trees:

Apply first application by soil watering, 10 days before sprouting, at the rate of 10L/1000lt of water for 200 trees.

Repeat application until adequate foliage is formed, start foliar application at the rate of 10L/1000lt spraying solution.

Spraying can be continued until there is no danger of frost.