Black Red Waves

Acidic formulation of fulvic acids
  • Acidic pH , suitable for pH regulation of the spraying solution
  • Special Formulation compatible with agrochemicals
  • Improves fertilizer uptake by leaves and roots
  • Compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Provides a valuable carbon source for soil microbes
  • Promotes seed germination and root and shoot growth


Humic and Fulvic acid of low molecular weight


Fruit trees-Vineyards: Foliar applications with 0,5-1L/1000L of water. Fertigation with 2,5-4L/hectare

Vegetables: Foliar applications with 0,5-1L/1000L of water Fertigation with 4-5L/hectare

Potatoes-Onions: Foliar applications with 1-2L/1000L of water Fertigation with 2-5L/hectare


Black Red Waves is a concentrated plant extract formulation containing organic material rich in carboxylic acids and phenols, fulvic acids and humic acids with medium to low molecular weight,which are water soluble even at acidic pH (2-3).
Black Red Waves is suitable for foliar and soil applications.
As a foliar additive to spray solutions, Black Red Wave can be used in combination with pesticides and fertilizers because of its acidic pH which improve their effectiveness by increasing nutrients and other agrochemicals uptake. It can also be used as a pH regulator for spray solutions and is very effective even at very low dosages.
When applied to soil, Black Red Waves improves soil structure , contributes to better utilization of fertilizers by increasing nutrient uptake and by stimulating beneficial microbial activity that results in root growth. By this way it improves quality and quantity of fruits enhancing total crop yield.



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