Calcium and Boron fertilizer in liquid form


General Description

Cabor is a liquid Calcium and Boron fertilizer suitable for all crops. It improves the characteristics of  plants and particularly  improves the hardness and the strength of stem, tissues and fruits. Also,  increases the pollination as a result of the combined action of Calcium and Boron. Additional  increases the content of sugars in fruit. Due to special formulation, it is absorbed easily by the plant.

Analysis %(W/V)
Calcium (CaO)50%
Application - Dosages

Foliar application:

Fruit trees, Vineyards, Olives: 2-2,5L/1000L of water before flowering, after fruit set and during fast growth of the fruits.

Vegetables: 2-2,5L/1000L of water before flowering and during fast growth of the fruits.

Leafy vegetables: 3-3,5L/1000L of water during fast growth of the plants.

Flowers and ornamentals: 1-1,5L/1000L of water from the first stage of plant growth until before  flowering.

Sugar beet: 2-2,5L/1000L of water from the beginning of vegetation until the stage of 7-8 leaves.

Fertigation: 0,3-0,5L/1000m2