Cal Tonic

Calcium & Organic matter for soil application
  • Helps to overcome unfavourable growth conditions
  • Improves cell division
  • Increases the formation of new lateral roots
  • Helps with the absorption of potassium and magnesium


Nitrogen (uric)


Calcium (CaO)


Organic Matter (Humic and fulvic acids, polysaccharides)


General fertigation dosage: 10 – 30 lt / ha, depending on crops necessities. ​
Repeated applications follow with the same dosages. ​
It is practicable from sprouting to harvest.​
General foliar applications dosage: 2 – 4 lt / 1000 lt of water.​
Fruit trees: ​
Foliar applications: 2 – 4 lt / 1000 lt of water.​
Vegetables: ​
Fertigation: 20 – 30 lt / ha

Foliar: 2 – 3 lt / 1000 lt of water.​
Greenhouse crops: ​
Fertigation: with 10 – 20 lt / ha

Foliar: 1 – 1,5 lt / 1000 lt of water repeatedly ​


Cal Tonic is an organic product rich in calcium and enriched with an organic blend of plant extracts consisting mainly of polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, bioactive ingredients such as amino acids, peptides, non-nitrogenous organic ingredients and vitamins (pyridoxine, folic acid, inositol).

Cal Tonic contains a significant amount of calcium to supplement the need for this element. Calcium plays a multifaceted role in plant growth, as it is essential for cell division and elongation, the formation and development of new lateral roots and the formation of compact cell walls. Cal Tonic also prevents the occurrence of anomalies such as “blossom end rot” in tomatoes, peppers and blackberries and “bitter pit” in apples.

The high organic content of Cal Tonic promotes the multiplication of beneficial micro-organisms and enzymes in the soil, improves the absorption of nutrients and trace elements and brings them to the plants. The organic ingredients also contribute to a faster absorption and utilisation of the calcium content by the plants, whether after foliar or soil applications.

Foliar applications of Cal Tonic also improve the energy balance of plants. Numerous water-soluble organic compounds with a low molecular weight are available to the plant via the leaf surface, which it can utilise biochemically with less energy expenditure. The systematic application of Cal Tonic results in an increase in overall production, an improvement in the commercial properties and a longer shelf life of fruit and horticultural products (peaches, kiwis, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.)



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