Calci Power

Nitrogen Fertilizers which combines the three available forms
  • Nitrogen-free calcium source
  • High concentration of calcium oxide
  • Very effective and quickly absorbed
  • Increases yield and enhances quality of the agricultural products
Calcium (CaO)17

Applications- Dosages
Stone fruits:
2-5 applications overall with 2,5-5L/1000L of water. 1st application after fruit setting.
2-3 applications overall with  2-3L/1000L of water, when coloring starts, in order to prevent fission of the fruits.
2-5 applications overall with 3-5/1000L of water. 1st application after fruit setting
Vegetables (tomato – pepper – cucumber – egg plant):
1st application is practiced with 2-4L/1000L of water after fruit setting. Follow applications at the same dosage as above.
Watermelon – Melon:
1st application: 2-4L/1000L of water after fruit setting and follow applications after each fruit setting at the same dosages.


Calci Power is a clear, high calcium liquid fertilizer that provides calcium for plant nutrition and sodium displacement, and chloride as a valuable source for chloride fertilization.

Calci Power is recommended for all crops with high calcium requirements, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, cherries, etc. Calcium is a structural component of cell walls and membranes that maintains a physical barrier against pathogens, which in turn extends the shelf life of produce.

As a beneficial macronutrient, chloride in the right proportions provides  increased fresh and dry biomass, greater leaf expansion, greater elongation of leaf and root cells, improved water balance, increased mesophyll diffusion for CO2, and better water and nitrogen utilization.

Calci Power is a plant nutrient that is administered through the leaves or soil. It is non-phytotoxic when used as directed and is compatible with most agricultural chemicals and nutrients.

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