Dense Calcium formulation for foliar applications

Calcium 50

General Description

Calcium 50 is an extremely rich in calcium foliar fertiliser in aqueous suspension. Highly energised Calcium 50 particles, sprayed finely onto the leaf surface, are taken up directly through the stomata and converted into carbon dioxide. In this way Calcium 50 can considerably increase the photosynthesis rate and the total productivity of the crops.

Improves crop yields, quality and storage properties
Increases resistance, growth and vitality
Increases frost and drought tolerance and pest resistance
Reduces the water requirement
Analysis %(W/V)
Calcium (CaO)50%
Application - Dosages

Calcium 50 is mainly used at the following stages of plant growth:

  • at the beginning of foliation,
  • at the time of flowering and
  • during the period when the fruit is growing.

  Calcium 50 may be used once or several times, at the most every 3-4 weeks, separately or in combination with a plant protection agent.
  Do not mix with acid products.
General dosage: ​300-500 ml Calcium 50 / 100lt water

Grain: 2 applications – the first when 3-5 tillers have appeared, the second after appearance of the last leaf.
Rice: 2, max. 3 applications – at 21-28 day intervals, starting 15 days after sowing.
Soybean: 2 applications – the first on leaves at the 9th/10th node, the second at nine or more sideshoots.
Potatoes: 2 applications – 15 days after first foliation and again after a further 21 days.
Sugar beet: 2 applications – the first between the 4th and 6th leaf and again 3-4 weeks later.
Maize: 2 applications – the first between the 4th and 6th leaf, the second at 10th leaf.
Salad crops & vegetables: 2 applications – the first at bedding out, the second 28 days later.
Vine: 2 applications – the first at flowering and the second on development of the first bunch of grapes.
Tomatoes: 3, max. 4 applications – at 28-day intervals, starting with the second leaf or on bedding out.
Fruit farming / Ornamental woody plants: 2, max. 3 applications – at 28 day intervals, starting approx. 15 days after the first foliation.