Chelan B/Zn
Boron ethanolamine and EDTA Zinc

Chelan B/Zn

General Description

Chelan B/Zn is a liquid fertilizer of organic boron and chelated (EDTA) zinc. Boron and Zinc are two essential elements for flowering and better pollination. Zinc plays an important role in fertilization, proper growth of shoots and leafage, as well as increasing fruits size. Boron, apart from its role in pollination, is an essential element for certain crops, due to its capability to move natural hormones to various parts of the plant. Moreover, it prevents appearances of abnormalities such as `black spot and corky tissues in apples, ‘grapes falling’ in vines, ‘black heart’ in cauliflower, etc.). The special composition of this product allows the simultaneous presence of these two components in high concentrations in assimilable form.

Analysis %(W/W)
Boron (B)1,7%
Zinc (Zn)2,6%
Application - Dosages

General dosage (Foliar spraying):  2-3L/1000L of water.

Olives:  1st application: 2-3L/1000L of water at the beginning of blossoming.

2nd application: after fruit bearing with the same dosage.

Apples – pears: 1st application 2-3L/1000L of water, before blossoming,

2nd application: 1,5-2L/1000L of water after fruit bearing

Almonds – Peaches – Cherries: 1st application: 1,5-3L/1000L of water after the falling of petals.

Vines: 1st application: 2-3L/1000L of water, at the beginning of new shoot growth (after the shaping of 3-4 new leaves).

2nd application: before blossoming or just after fruit bearing with the same dosage.

Vegetables (tomato, cucumber, etc): Foliar sprayings: 1-2L/1000L of water (3-4 applications)

Leaf Vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc):  Foliar sprayings 2-3L/1000L of water, when the ‘head’ starts to formed.

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