Copper​ Proteinate

Chelan Cu

General Description

  Chelan Cu is an effective Copper liquid fertiliser in chelate form. It is suitable for correcting copper deficiencies. Chelan Cu formulation is based on copper, chelated to amino acids and short chain peptides. It is 100% water soluble and assimilable by plants. As fertilisers it is suitable for all cultivations when Copper deficiency is appeared. It stimulates plants enzymic reactions, acts on carbohydrates metabolism, participates in photosynthesis and energy production. Moreover, it promotes cell wall durability and thus makes plant more resistant to various environmental attacks. It is applicable either by foliar sprayings or through irrigation systems.

  INDICATIONS: It does not induce plant toxicity when used according to the instructions. Foliar use is preferably applied during the cooler hours of the day. Chelan Cu cannot be combined with oils or preparations containing high concentrations of calcium, phosphorus or potassium. Whenever compatibility is questioned a small scale trial is recommended.

Suitable for correcting copper deficiencies
It is suitable for all cultivations when Copper deficiency is appeared
It promotes cell wall durability
It makes the plant more resistant to various environmental attacks
Analysis %(W/W)(W/V)
Copper (Cu) 5.2%6.3%
Nitrogen (N) Organic 2.7%3.2%
Organic matter16.7% 20%
Hydrolyzed plant protein
Application - Dosages

General dosage: Fertigation: 1-1.5 kg / 1000m2. Foliar: 75-150 gr / 100 lt of water.​
​​​Chelan Cu action (as fungicide – virucide) ​
1-2 application depending on temperatures and humidity conditions, with 100-150 gr / 100 lit of water.
(Plasmorara viticola, Elsinoe ampelina, Xanthomonas ampelina)
1 -2 applications with 100-150 gr. / 100 lt of water. Fertigations are conducted with 1-1.5 kg / 1000m2.
​​Cucumber – Watermelon – melon:
1-2 applications with 100 gr / 100 lt of water. Fertigation: 1 kg / 1000m2.
​Onion, Garlic:
1-2 applications with 100-150 gr / 100 lt of water.
1-2 applications 1-1,5 kg / 1000m2 through irrigation system or foliar applications 75-150 gr / 100 lt of water.
First application when foliage is well formed (plant height over 30-40cm.)
3-4 applications per season by 100-150gr / 100 lt of water

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