Potassium foliar fertiliser

Chelan Ks

General Description

Chelan Ks is a water soluble fertiliser rich in potassium, enriched with amino acids and adjuvants.

This form ensures the correction of potassium deficiency due to its absorbability and assimilability. Moreover, Chelan Ks improves the qualitative characteristics such as colouration, taste and aroma in fruits, sugars content level, vitamins (B1, C) and carotene concentration. Chelan Ks decreases the undesirable oxalic acid, elongates the post harvest conservation period, strengthens fruits durability, etc.

Chelan Ks is a chloride-free product, providing protection to the qualitative characteristics from the potential danger of chloride impact at foliar sprayings. Chelan Ks contains highly available potassium as well as certain amount of selected anions, making plants resistant to a number of plant diseases.

Ensures the correction of potassium deficiency
Improves the qualitative characteristics
Decreases the undesirable oxalic acid
Makes plants resistant to a number of plant diseases
Analysis %(W/W)
Potassium (Κ2Ο) fully water soluble 40%
Organic matter 15%
Application - Dosages

General Dosages:
Foliar: 300-500 gr. / 100 lit of water.