Advanced water soluble NPK fertilizer

Chelan Sol Plus

Chelan Sol Plus range includes 100% water soluble fertilizers enriched with bioactive substances like betaines, amino acids, vitamins, coenzymes, seaweed extract, humic and fulvic acids. Chelan Sol Plus range contains trace elements in high concentration, chelated in EDTA/EDDHA form.


The range can cover the plant nutrition needs from the beginning until harvest and the completion of annual biological cycle.


Bioactive aminoacids and peptides
which act in a manner analogous to plant growth regulators. They act mainly by increased nutrient uptake, in particular nitrogen and iron acting as chelating agents improvement of crop tolerance to abiotic stresses, improved salinity tolerance.

Liquid Seaweed extract of Ascophylum nodosum

which is very rich in biological active substances. Overall crop performance is improved due to the effect on plant growth, protein and carbohydrate production, prolonged chlorophyll production and photosynthesis

Selected amino acids

with phyto-regulatory properties which have beneficial effects on the growth, performance and quality of the fruits of all crops
Natural substances can act as antistressors in stress conditions and as osmoprotectant, to enhance water utilization and to have a role in frost resistance in plants.

Humic and Fulvic acids which

  • Interact with metal ions, to form water-soluble complexes.
  • Dissolve, mobilize and transport nutrients and trace elements
  • Act on reduction of toxicity, for unwanted metals or other toxic substances e.g., aluminium
  • Influence nutrient availability (N, S, P)
  • Enhance root, leaf and shoot growth but also stimulate the germination of various crop species.
  • Stimulate nutrient uptake, cell permeability
  • Regulate mechanisms involved in plant growth stimulation.

Special acidic formulations (pH 3-3,5) with pH regulators of inorganic and organic form, for use in alkaline soils

  • Buffering capacity due to organic polycarboxylic acids in combination with a strong inorganic acidizer in a polymeric form.
  • The inorganic acidifier gradually breaks down and regulates the pH for a longer period of time enhancing all nutrient uptake