Chito Pure

Chitosan based formulation
  • Activates defense responses in plants.
  • Induces resistance against biotic stressors
  • Increases resistance to abiotic stressors (heat, drought, etc.)
  • Stimulates seed germination, root and seedling growth
  • Accelerate growth and germination
  • improve the quality of flowers and fruit
  • Prolongs shelf-life of agricultural products


Chitosan oligosaccharide


Vineyards and fruit trees: 10-20L / ha. 2-3 applications in total.

1st application at the beginning of the seasonal growth cycle.

Repeated applications every 10-15 days.


Vegetables: 10-20L / ha. 2-4 applications in total.

1st application after transplanting.

Repeated applications every 10-15 days.


Foliar applications
Vineyards, fruit and citrus trees: 2-5L / ha, applications every 15-20 days, especially recommended after stressful situations such as drought, heat or heavy and prolonged rainfall.



Chito pure is a bio-activator and immunity inducer in liquid form. It contains chitosan (basic substance), a natural, environmentally friendly biopolymer (polysaccharide) with biostimulant properties for plants.


Chitosan effectively improves the physiological properties of plants and prolongs the shelf life of post-harvest produces, while regulating several genes in plants, especially those related to the activation of plant defense mechanisms. Chitosan motivates the plant defense system against various pathogens and stimulates the immune system of plants, fruits, and vegetables.

As Chito pure contains a sufficient amount of chitosan, it acts as an antitranspirant and can deal well with biotic and abiotic stressors, improving the physiological characteristics of plants and the post-harvest quality of fruits and vegetables.

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