Correct pH

Fertiliser for lowering pH levels of spraying solutions
  • Lowers the pH value of spray solutions
  • Neutralises salts and heavy metals in solutions
  • Protects agrochemicals from oxidation and hydrolysis
  • Has adhesive and surfactant properties
  • Contains a color marker to indicate the amount of product required

For hard water:

Approximately 0.75 – 1 lt / 1000 lt of spray solution

For semi-hard water:

Approximately 0.2 – 0.3 lt / 1000 lt spray solution

For soft water:

Approximately 0.1 – 0.15 t / 1000 t spray solution

The correct amount of product to achieve the ideal pH value (4 – 5) can be visually indicated by the pink color of the spray solutions.


Correct pH is a special liquid preparation for lowering the pH value of spray solutions. The presence of salts and heavy metals in spray solutions causes and accelerates the oxidation and hydrolysis of pesticides.

Correct pH contains minerals and organic polycarboxylic acids that inactivate salts and heavy metals. The composition of Correct pH contains ethoxylated isodecyl alcohol, which gives the product adhesive and surfactant properties that increase the coverage of the foliage and the duration of action of the sprays.

In addition, Correct pH contains a colour marker which turns the spray solution pink when the ideal pH is reached (4-5).

Its use is necessary:

Most pesticides are hydrolysed at a pH value >7 and lose some of their effectiveness.

Achieving the correct pH value for the spray solutions results in a pH value between 4 and 5, which ensures the stability of the active ingredients and thus increases the effectiveness of the pesticides. At the same time, the spray solution is easier to spray.

Correct pH is added to the spray liquid first and the other agrochemicals follow.

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