Potassium Phosphite


General Description

 F-away is an efficient active and concentrated source of phosphorus and potassium and its use is particularly recommended when these two macro-nutrients are most required (formation of the root system, flowering and ripening). The specific form of these nutrients, specially phosphonic form, makes the product proper not only for nutritional purposes, but as a co-operative factor, which helps crops to confront various problems. Phosphonic acids contained in F-away act according to bibliography as promoter of natural defences in plants and inducer of synthesis of phytoalexines with the capacity to boost plant resistance to many possible attacks.

Helps crops to confront various problems
Boosts plant resistance to many possible attacks
Analysis %(W/W)
Phosphorus (P2O5) 30%
Potassium (K2O)20%
Phosphorus source: Phosphorus acid
Application - Dosages

General dosage:
Foliar: 250 – 300 cc / 100 lt of water.
Citrus fruits:
Foliar: 250 cc / 100 lt of water.
Vines – Kiwi fruit:
Foliar: 250 – 300 cc / 100 lt of water.
Fruit bearing trees:
Foliar: 3 applications are recommended (spring summer autumn).
Fertigation: (citrus fruits, kiwis etc.): 400 – 750 cc / 1000m2.
Other cultivations:
Foliar: Depending on the needs of the plants.
Fertigation: 200 – 300 cc / 1000m2.