Plant amino acids


General Description

Force is a specialized liquid fertiliser with exceptional properties for soil’s fertility, due to the organic bioactive factors contained in the product.

It constitutes a balanced mix of plant amino-acids, peptides, proteins and carbohydrates, enriched with organic bioactive factors, vitamins and trace elements in chelate form.

Improves the N/C relation
Activates the beneficial bacteria and enzymes of the soil
Increases resistance of plants to unfavourable climatic conditions and situations of stress
Helps in better absorption, assimilation and utilization of nutritive substances and trace elements
Increases total productivity of the crops and improves their qualitative characteristics
Analysis %(W/W)
Organic matter20%
(Amino acids)
Application - Dosages

General dosage:
1 – 1.5 kg/1000m2, through irrigation system or 100 – 200 gr/100 lt of water.
(1-2 foliar applications overall).
1st application: 100 -150 gr/100 lt of water at the start of flowering. 2nd application: After fruit setting at the same dosage.
Peaches Almonds – Cherries:
Foliar: 100 – 150 gr/100 lt of water after the falling of petals.
Apples – Pears:
Foliar: 100 – 150 gr/100 lt of water after the falling of petals.
1st application: 100 – 150 gr/100 lt of water before flowering. At severe problems, reapply after the falling of petals at the same dosage as above.
Tomato – cucumber:
1st application is set before flowers fertilisation, 2nd application after fruit setting with 150 – 200 gr/100 lt of water.
Leafy vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli):
1st application 100 – 200 gr/100 lt of water, when enough leafage has developed for fertilisers absorption.
Sugar beets:
Foliar: At the stage of 6-8 leaves with 100 – 200 gr/100 lt of water