Humic and Fulvic acids

Humus S

General Description

Humus-S is a dense (70%) fertiliser of humic and fulvic acids. The humic and fulvic acids of this preparation stimulate the growth of plants and act as soil regulators, particularly in sandy and non porous (clay) soils. In these types of soil, Humus-S improves water capacity, aeration and activation of micro-organisms in the region of the root system.

Moreover, it activates root system growth, increases absorption of nutritive elements. Furthermore, it acts in synergy with other fertilisers, thus intensifies its activity.

Stimulates the growth of plants
Acts as soil regulators
Activates root system growth
Increases absorption of nutritive elements
Analysis %(W/W)
Potassium (K2O) water soluble15%
Humic & Fulvic acids70%
Application - Dosages

General dosage:
Foliar: 150 – 200 gr / 100 lt of water with repeated applications
(2-3 in total during farming period)
Fertigation: 1 – 2 kg / 1000m2 (2-3 applications).
When Humus-S is applied in combination with water soluble fertilisers, it maximizes their absorption and allows their utilization by the plants.

Nurseries (tobacco – horticultural etc):
Water sprinkling of the plants is set with 100 – 150 cc / 100 lt of water.