Lignosulphonates chelated trace elements

LG Active

General Description

LG Active is very effective formulation based on copper, zinc and manganese. Copper is an essential nutrient needed for normal growth and development of crops. Chlorophyll production, protein synthesis, respiration, carbohydrates distribution, nitrogen fixation, lignification, protein synthesis and cellular membranes metabolism are important plant functions that need copper. Zinc plays an important role in flowers fertilization, proper growth of shoots and leafage, as well as increasing fruit size. Manganese acts as a regulator to a series of enzymic reactions. LG active stimulates primary metabolism and biosynthesis of polyphenols and phytoalexins in the plant, thus enhancing the natural plant vigor by reinforcing cell walls and plant tissues.

Analysis %(W/W)
Copper (Cu)2%
Zinc (Zn)1%
Manganese (Mn)1.2%
Lignosulfonic acid complexed
Application - Dosages

LG Active is suitable for all crops.

Foliar: 200 -500cc /100lt of water

Stone trees: 200- 250 cc /100 lt of water

Fertrigation: Repeated applications with 0,5 lt / 1000m2

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