Saline soil corrector

Lower Salt


 Description: Lower Salt is an excellent saline soil corrector. It is rich in organically chelated calcium and mono- / polycarboxylic acids which can help to successfully overcome salinity problems.
  Mode of action: It displaces the sodium ions (Na+) absorbed by clays, replacing them with calcium, thus preventing sodium salinisation. The soluble calcium carried by the poly- and monocarboxylic organic acids saturates the soil humic-clay matrix, allows the exchange of sodium ions and ultimately their removal from the root area.
  Moreover, the calcium included by Lower Salt is a fundamental nutritional element for the correct development of crops. Calcium is the single most important nutrient in high-production agriculture and Lower Salt provides rapidly absorbed, fully assimilable calcium in liquid form.

Helps to overcome salinity problems
Contributes in the correct development of crops
Analysis %(W/W)
Calcium (Cao)12%
Organic mono- and Polycarboxylic acids25%
Application - Dosages

Fruit trees:
Fertigation: 3 applications are recommended with 2-4 lt /1000m2. 1st application at the start of annual cycle of plants. 2nd application at the half of cycle and 3rd application at the end of cycle.

For soils with bad penetration: 4-5 applications with 2-4.5 lt /1000m2 through irrigation system.

For cracked soils: 1-2 applications with 2-4 lt /1000m2 through irrigation system at the start and end of annual cycle of plants.

For soils with crust and bad germination: 2 applications with 2.5 lt /1000m2 through irrigation system before and after sowing or transplanting.

Strawberries: 2 applications with 2-4 lt /1000m2 through irrigation system. 1st application before transplanting. 2nd application before flowering.

Do not mix with mineral fertiliser. When compatibility is not known, a small scale trial is recommended.

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