Lower Salt 1L

Lower Salt

Saline soil corrector
  • Helps to overcome salinity problems
  • Contributes in the correct development of crops


Calcium (CaO)


Organic mono- and Polycarboxylic acids



General fertigation dosage: 20 – 40 lt / ha.

Tree crops:

3 fertigations / growing season at the dosage of 20 – 40 lt / ha.

1st application at the beginning of the annual plant cycle.

2nd application in the middle of the annual cycle and 3rd application after harvest.


For soils with poor permeability:

4 – 5 fertigations / growing season at the dosage of 20 – 40 lt / ha.

For heavy soils with low germination and stem capacity:

2 -3 fertigations / growing season at the dosage of 25 lt / ha.


2 fertigations / growing season at the dosage of 20 – 40 lt / ha.

1st application before transplanting

2nd application before flowering.


Do not mix with mineral fertiliser. When compatibility is not known, a small scale trial is recommended.


Lower Salt was developed to solve the problems caused by saline and excess sodium soils.

The effectiveness of Lower Salt is based on its high cation exchange capacity. The calcium contained in Lower Salt, in combination with simple and polycarboxylic organic compounds, exchanges the position of sodium in the soil and facilitates its removal by rinsing. The ability of Lower Salt to form “particles” on the soil contributes to its good aeration and the development of a better root system.

The high calcium content of Lower Salt, reinforced and stabilised by organic factors, is also an excellent source to meet the needs of plants that require calcium. Calcium extends the shelf life of fruit after harvest and prevents abnormalities such as “end rot” in tomatoes, peppersand “bitter pit” in apples.

Lower Salt is suitable for combating soil salinity problems in all crops and at all stages of growth. The application is also suitable for all demanding calcium crops.

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