Microcare Fe

EDTA Chelated Iron
  • Water-soluble fertilizer in EDTA chelate form
  • Versatile application: Suitable for foliar spraying and fertigation
  • Excellent absorbability: Ensures efficient uptake of Iron by plants
  • Compatibility with other agrochemicals: Convenient integration into existing agricultural practices


Iron (Fe) EDTA


General dosage
1-2Kg/1000L of water, depending on crops necessities.
0,5-1,5Kg/1000m2, depending on crops necessities.
The lowest dosage is recommended.
In every case, applications should be done during the cooler hours of the day.


Microcare Fe is a highly effective water-soluble fertilizer containing Iron in the EDTA chelate form. This advanced formulation enables practical application through both foliar spraying and irrigation water (fertigation). With its excellent absorbability, Microcare Fe ensures efficient uptake of Iron by plants, promoting optimal growth and development.

One of the key advantages of Microcare Fe is its compatibility with other agrochemicals, allowing for convenient integration into your existing agricultural practices. This versatility enables you to incorporate Microcare Fe seamlessly into your crop management strategies, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your fertilization program.

Designed to address Iron deficiencies, Microcare Fe is suitable for application on all crops. Whether your crops exhibit signs of Iron deficiency or require preventive measures, Microcare Fe serves as a powerful tool for correcting and preventing Iron-related nutrient imbalances.

With Microcare Fe, you can provide your plants with the essential Iron they need to thrive. Whether applied through foliar applications or fertigation, this water-soluble fertilizer ensures efficient absorption and utilization of Iron, supporting healthy plant growth and maximizing crop productivity.

Elevate your crop’s nutrient levels and ensure optimal Iron availability with Microcare Fe. Unlock the full potential of your crops by incorporating this powerful tool for Iron correction into your agricultural practices.

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