Fertiliser for lowering pH and salts in soils

Minor pH & Salt

General Description

 Minor pH & Salt is a specialised fertiliser which aims at the reduction of pH and the removal of salts from the soil. ​
  With its application, a part of the carbon ions in the ground are neutralised, resulting in the lowering of pH by half a unit at least.
  For the maintenance of this reduction, repeated applications are required, at least twice per farming period, depending on grounds C.E.C.
  Moreover, due to the containing of polycarboxylic acids, Minor pΗ & Salt contributes to the extraction of sodium, resulting in the reduction of the total salinity of the soil. ​

Reduces the pH and removes the salts from the soil
Reduces the total salinity of the soil
Analysis %(W/W)
Nitrogen (N) Ureic 15%
Application - Dosages

General dosage:
Fertigation: 4 – 5 lt. / 1000m2 with enough quantity of water.
For applications locally selected, fertigations are set with 4 – 5 lt. / 1000m2.
Applications could be repeated approximately one month later, depending on soils pH and salinity.

  Minor pH & Salt does not mix with other agrochemicals and in general, should be used only on its own and directly to the soil.
  In order to combine this product with other fertilisers, a low scale trial is recommended.

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