Calcium and Magnesium nitrate solution

Mix Nitro

General Description

Mix Nitro is a liquid fertiliser of calcium – and magnesium nitrate, suitable for foliar sprayings or fertigations to all crops with high necessities in these elements.

Calcium is an element essential for the elongation of the root tips, cells’ division and enlargement and prevention of certain natural abnormalities.

Has an important role in the regulation of photosynthesis
Contributes to the improvement of qualitative characteristics of the products
Analysis %(W/W)(W/V)
Nitrogen (N) Nitrate 6.5%9%
Magnesium (MgO)4.6%6.5%
Calcium (CaO)7.1%10%
Application - Dosages

General dosage:
Fertigation: 2 – 4 lt/1000m2
Tomato – Cucumber – Pepper – Eggplant:
Fertigation: 2 – 4 lt/1000m2.
Fertigations could be applied from fruit setting to harvest.
Watermelon – Melon:
Fertigation: 2 – 4 lt/10002.
1st application: with 1 – 3 lt/1000m2.
2nd application: with 2 – 4 lt/1000m2.
Follow applications with the same dosage as above.
Fertigation: 2 – 4 lt/1000m2 after nodules formation.