Natural soil conditioner


General Description

Neosol is an organic soil conditioner, suitable for soil improvement and growth of healthy root system. It contains a well balanced mixture of vegetable lipids and phospholipids as well as natural polysaccharides. Neosol enriches the soil with high rates of organic substance, aiming in the increase of beneficial micro-organisms population. This increased the number of beneficial micro-organisms competes with the pathogenic micro-organisms of soil, like parasitic nematodes, thus improving the protection of plant root system. A damaged root system decreases the ability of the plant to take up water and nutrients required for growth.

Improves the healthy root system
Enriches the soil with high rates of organic substance
Improves the protection of plant root system
Analysis %(W/W)
Organic matter70%
Contains selected natural polysaccharides, lipids, phospholipids and amino acids.
Application - Dosages

Irrigation system: 700 – 1000 cc / 1000 m2
Repeats: At the judgement of the agronomist.