Nitro Step by Step

Slow release nitrogen in liquid form
  • Slowly released nitrogen
  • Low salinity index
  • No symptoms that occur when fertilizing with high amounts of nitrogen


Nitrogen (Total)


Nitrogen (Ureic)


Nitrogen Methylene urea (N)


General fertigation dosage: ​10 – 15 lt / ha.​
General foliar dosage: 2 – 5 lt / 1000 lt of water.​

Vegetables: ​
Foliar applications

2 – 2,5 lt / 1000 lt of water, after transplantation.​
Olive and citrus trees:​
Foliar applications

2 – 3 lt / 1000 lt of water, during annual vegetative growth.​
Vineyards: ​

Foliar applications

1,5 – 2 lt / 1000 lt of water, during new vegetative growth.​
Cotton: ​
Foliar applications

2 – 4 lt / 1000 lt of water, at the stage of 6-8 leaves.​

Cereals, corn:

Foliar applications

4 – 5 lt / 1000 lt of water, at the stage of 4 – 6 leaves.


Nitro Step by Step is a slow release Nitrogen Fertilizer. It improves nitrogen absorption, translocation and re-mobilization and is particularly suitable for open field, horticultural, fruit-bearing and nut crops, providing nitrogen in a form that makes it available for long periods. Its gradual absorption protects plants from unfriendly consequences of rapid nitrogen absorption. A product of high technology, in liquid form of organic nitrogen it contains 60% nitrogen in the form of polymeric organic compounds, splitting slowly and feeding plants with nitrogen for much longer periods than usual fertilizers do. NITRO STEP BY STEP is safe, reliable and concentrated, thus ideal for all agricultures.

The polymeric and oligomeric organic molecules in Nitro Step by Step, in opposition to plain nitrates do not cause osmotic shock and therefore does not have toxic effects on the plants (the salinity indicator is practically zero). It is extremely durable and no hydrolysis takes place after it is sprayed on leaf surfaces. Most of it penetrates the cell membrane and enters the plant within 5-7 hours, where it is stored and used in the metabolism of the plant. Its full absorption takes approximately 30 hours.

When foliar application is used, the plant first uses a small amount of urea contained in the product, while the polymeric form remains until the plant splits them slowly into other forms, making it available to the plant. This results in nitrogen’s controlled release, depending on the plant’s relevant mechanisms. During soil application, the water that exists in NITRO STEP BY STEP is removed, while the organic nitrogen containing molecules become gelatinous and polymerize on a larger scale, in which they attach to soil particles. In this way, the larger macromolecules that have been formed bring in nitrogen slowly, in relation to the existing temperature, humidity and the surrounding microbe activity.

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