Fertilizer of organic potassium

Brillant K32

General Description

  Brillant K32 is a high rate organic potassium product. The treatment of plants with Brillant K32 ameliorates the qualitative characteristics such as aroma, taste, coloring and sugars level and it also corrects potassium deficiencies.
  Moreover, it contributes to the increment of plants tolerance whenever unfavourable conditions for crops prevail.
  The organic form of potassium eases and speeds both absorption and translocation into the plants, and thus improves fertilisers effectiveness.

Analysis %(W/W)
Potassium (K2O)23%
Organic Matter12%
Application - Dosages

General dosage:​
Fertigation: 1 – 2 lt. / 1000m2
Foliar: 200 – 400 c.c. / 100 lt. of water.​
Apples and stone fruit trees:​ (1-3 applications overall). ​
1st​​​​​​​​ application: 200 – 300 cc / 100 lt. of water when fruits color starts to change. ​
2nd​​​​​​​​​nd application: 10-15 days later with the same dosage. If necessary, reapply 10 days later, with the same dosage as above.​
2-3 applications with 250 – 300 cc / 100 lt. of water each one. ​
1st ​​​​​​​​application when the pit starts to harden and with following applications at 25-30 day interval.​
Vineyards:​ (2-3 applications overall). ​
From coloring to ripening with 200 – 400 cc / 100 lt. of water at each application.​
200 – 400 cc / 100 lt. of water, after coloring. Alternatively, apply 1 – 2 lt. / 1000m​​​​​​​​​​​2​​​​​​​​​​​ through irrigation system.​
Ornamentals and nurseries:​
1​​​​​​​​​st application when plants come into flowering with 200 – 250 cc / 100 lt. of water and with following applications every 15-20 days at the same dosage.​

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