Power Fe

EDDHA-Fe 6% Iron fertiliser
  • Stable in a wide pH range
  • Outstanding role in the process of photosynthesis
  • Suitable for the treatment of iron deficiency
  • Facilitates the uptake of nutrients


Iron (Fe)


(4,8 o-o)

Field Crops: 2.5 – 5.5 kg/ha
Citrus (young trees): 400-600gr / 100m2
Citrus (mature trees – annual maintenance): 50- 200gr / tree

Citrus (mature trees – corrective dosage): 200- 400gr / tree
Top fruit and Nut trees: 20-100gr per tree (depending on tree size)
Grapes, kiwies and soft fruit: 0,5 – 1 kg / 100m of row
Ornamental plants: 5 Kg / 1000m2


Power Fe achieves the best results when the plants are sufficiently supplied with water and important nutrients and are not under stress for other reasons.

The best way to incorporate Power Fe into the soil is to dissolve it in an appropriate amount of water (e.g. 10 grammes per litre) and then apply it as a coarse, low-pressure spray. If the soil is densely compacted, the surface should be loosened before application.

Applications should always be worked into the top few centimetres of soil as soon as possible after application. This can be done by harrowing or hoeing or by irrigation.

Power Fe can also be applied via irrigation systems by adding the equivalent of 1.0 kg per hectare in 10,000 litres of water at regular intervals. The frequency of addition depends on the degree of deficiency.


Power Fe is a highly effective fertiliser that provides a rich source of assimilable iron (Fe) in the form of an EDDHA chelate. Iron plays a crucial role in the process of photosynthesis and influences both the overall production and the qualitative characteristics of plants. With Power Fe you can ensure optimum iron availability for your plants.

Power Fe has been specially developed for use in soil and is therefore ideal for treating iron deficiency in plants growing in alkaline and calcareous soils. These soil types often pose a challenge for plant iron uptake. By using Power Fe, you can overcome these limitations and provide the necessary iron supplementation for healthy plant growth.

The chelated form of iron in Power Fe improves its assimilability and ensures that plants can efficiently absorb and utilise the iron they need. This promotes robust photosynthesis and leads to improved plant productivity and qualitative characteristics such as colour, taste and nutrient content.

For best results, apply Power Fe as recommended for soil treatment, following the instructions provided. It is especially recommended for plants growing in alkaline and calcareous soils where iron deficiency is common. Power Fe provides a reliable solution to iron deficiency and supports the healthy development of the plants.

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