Water soluble NPK fertilizers for special needs


Professional series includes a wide range of 100% water soluble fertilizers enriched with high levels of DTPA, EDDHA and EDTA chelated trace elements. The whole Professional range, with specially designed formulations, is designed and formulated to cover rapidly and accurately the plant nutrition needs, especially during the most demanding periods of annual biological cycle. Professional series are formulated with raw materials of excellent purity, solubility and low salt index which:

  • Decrease osmotic pressure near root zone
  • Avoid Salt injury of seeds, plants, especially in the first stages of vegetation
  • Avoid loss of water from the plant tissue and fertilizer burn.

Besides Professional series contain various adjuvants depending upon their proper use like:

  • Soil surfactants which act:
  • As soil penetrant avoiding formation of soil aggregates
  • By reducing surface tension in the soil- water –plant system
  • By improving generally the soil structure and allows water and oxygen to better reach plant roots
  • By increasing the growth, population and activity of aerobic micro-organisms
  • By increasing the nutrient uptake

Booster factor which consists of
Natural derived plant growth regulators which according to plant needs are metabolized to active substances in vivo.

Generally use of Professional series can guarantee

  • Better Quality of crops
  • Improved shelf life of products
  • Increased resistance to abiotic stress or frost damage
  • Resistance to any stress because of strong plants
  • Increased nutrient Uptake