Root stimulator


General Description

  Rhizoactive is a liquid blend of organic bioactive substances, specialised for root stimulation and formation.
  It contains humic and fulvic acids in high proportions, seaweed extracts (from Ascophyllum nodosum), coenzymes and vitamins, particular for root system development. Moreover, it contains cytokinines, abscisic and indoloxic acid.
​  Rhizoactive is very effective immediately after transplantation, as it confronts the transplantation shock, while simultaneously aids root system adjustment to its new environment. Rhizoactive could be also used as a biostimulant during all cultivate stages.
  It is recommended after infections of soil by insects and funguses, in order to rejuvenate the root system.
  Furthermore, Rhizoactive contributes to useful microflora growth, while combined with water soluble fertilisers and trace elements improves the absorption and utilization of the nutrients.

Specialised for root stimulation and formation
Particular for root system development
Recommended after infections of soil by insects and funguses
Contributes to useful microflora growth
Improves the absorption and utilization of the nutrients
Analysis %(W/W)(W/V)
Nitrogen (N) Ureic5%6.5%
Organic matter30%39%
Humic & Fulvic acids, organic matter from seaweed extracts (ascophyllum nodosum), yeast extracts.
Application - Dosages

Vegetables (field and greenhouses):
1st spraying: 100 -150 cc / 100 lt of water 7-10 days after transplantation and 2nd spraying with the same dosage, at a 10 day interval.
Irrigation system: Apply 1 – 1.5 lt / 1000m2, start just after transplantation.
2nd application follows with the same dosage, at a 10 day interval.
Fruit-bearing trees:
20-30 cc / tree. followed by water soaking.
Lawns, grass courts:
100-150 cc / 100 lt of water.
Ornamental plants:
1-1.5 cc / plant. followed by water soaking.

It is compatible with other agrochemicals, except those which contain aluminum.
A low scale trial is recommended whenever compatibility is questioned.

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