• Improves the absorption of nutrients from the soil
  • Improves the watery condition of plants
Rhizoglomus intraradices35.000 spores/L

Rhizo-Myc is completely safe and environmentally friendly. At least 7-14 days must elapse after the application of Rhizo-MYC before you can apply any fertiliser. Immediately after the application of Rhizo-Myc, the soil must be watered. the formulation. Rhizo-Myc is suitable for annual and perennial plants. Rhizo-Myc should not be used for: Conifers, orchids, Chenopodiaceae family (e.g. sugar beet) and Brassicacea family.

Nurseries with trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and flowers:

A) Mix Rhizo-Myc with the plant protection product in a ratio of 2.5 – 5% (i.e. 25 – 50 lt Rhizo-MYC / 1000 lt turf or 2.5 – 5 lt / 100 lt turf)

B) When transplanting plants into pots, we use Rhizo-MYC as follows:

  • 5 – 10 ml for 0.5 lt pots,
  • 10 – 20 ml for 1 – 2 lt pots,
  • 50 – 75 ml for 2 – 5 lt pots and
  • 100 ml for 5 – 10 lt pots

Horticulture, ornamental plants and flowers in greenhouses and outdoors

  • For plants sown from seed, add 2.5 – 5 ml of Rhizo -myc / plant by apply it under the seed or bulb of the plant.
  • When transplanting, add 5 – 10 ml Rhizo –myc / plant to the planting site.

Tree crops: 20 ml Rhizo–myc / plant for all types of trees, in planting position.

Vineyard: 10 ml Rhizo-myc / plant, in the planting site.

Lawns, open fields: 100 – 200 ml Rhizo-myc / sq. m., incorporated at 2 – 3 cm. The product can be mixed with the lawn seed.

Large crops (corn, wheat, barley, etc.): 1 lt of Rhizo-myC / acre and work the product in at a depth of 5 cm.


Rhizo-Myc is a natural plant growth enhancer based on beneficial fungi. When the fungi contained in Rhizo-Myc are introduced into the soil, they form an extensive network of mycelial structures, the mycorrhizae, which in turn develop a synergistic relationship with the root system of the plants by taking energy through photosynthesis and offering nutrients bound to soil particles in return. Rhizo-Myc therefore has a positive effect on the nutrient balance of the plants by increasing the absorbing surface of the root system and increasing the ability of the mycorrhizae to absorb nutrients bound to soil particles. The large surface area created by the structure of the mycorrhiza when Rhizo-Myc is applied also increases water uptake by helping to improve the plants’ water balance.

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