Rhizoglomus intraradices35.000 spores/L

Rhizomyc is totally save and environmental friendly. An interval of 7-14 days between Rhizomyc application and fertigation is highly recommended. Watering must follow after Rhizomyc application.

Rhizomyc is suitable for almost all annuals and perennials, while it is not recommended for conifers, orchids (and Orchidaceae sp in general), as well as for Chenopodiacheae and Brassicaceae spp.

Nurseries (trees, ornamental shrubs and flowers):

a) Mix Rhizomyc with soil compost in the range of 2.5-5% (25-50lt Rhizomyc / 1000lt soil compost)
b) When transplanting into pots:
5-10ml / 0,5lt pot
b. 10-20ml / 1-2lt pot
c. 50-75ml / 2-5lt pot
d. 100ml / 5-10lt pot

Vegetables, ornamental shrubs and flowers, (both in greenhouses and open field): 5-10 ml / planting position

Vineyard: 10ml / vine, into the planting hole


Rhizomyc is a natural biostimulant based on beneficial fungi. These fungi, known as mycorrhiza, unfold an extensive network of mycelia when applied to the soil. Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic structure between fungi and plants, as the fungi supply inorganic elements to the plants, usually tightly bound to soil particles, and in return take up carbohydrates from the plants.
The total surface area of the mycelium is huge, so mycorrhizae can supply plants with a large amount of inorganic elements, especially phosphorus. On the other hand, they protect plants from pathogenic fungal infections by colonizing the roots and leaving no room for other fungi to grow.



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