Potassium Silicate

Silene K

General Description

Silene-K is liquid fertiliser of potassium silicate, suitable for all crops, with increased needs for potassium in order to achieve qualitative superior fruits. Potassium, improves the qualitative characteristics of fruits such as, colour, flavour and aroma, sugars content, vitamins B1, C and carotenes, it improves post harvest conservation, while it decreases the undesirable oxalic acid. Moreover, Silene-K is an important source of silicon, an element which increases the tolerance of sensitive crops in the powdery mildew, (vines, cucurbitaceous, cucumber, etc), in Pythium sp. and Fusarium sp., as well as in the infections of plants from insects such as spider mites, whiteflies etc. Usually, silicon’s effect is related to the control of pests and diseases by improving plants resistance mechanisms.

Resistance to plant pathogen attack
Better structure of plant architecture
Greater tolerance to soil salinity
Reduction of the effects of draught
Protection against extreme temperatures
Activation of enzyme activity and plant mineral absorption
Increases resistance to fungi and other pathogens
Increases plant growth rate and yield
Analysis %(W/W)
Potassium (K2O) fully water soluble 12.5%
Silicate (SiO2)26%
Application - Dosages

Foliar: 300–500 c.c. (420 –700 gr) /100 lt of water in repeated applications. ​
Horticultural – strawberry: 
Foliar: 250–400 c.c. (350–550 gr) / 100 lt of water

It can be combined with other agrochemicals except the very acidic ones. ​
In every case where the combination is unknown a small scale trial is recommended. ​
Apply during the cooler hours of the day and immediately after the preparation of the solution. ​
For spraying in greenhouses, the lowest dosage rates are recommended. ​
Shake bottle well before use