Silic Plus

Stabilised oligomeric silicate solution
  • Improves the growth of plants and roots
  • Increases the performance of plants
  • Improves the commercial properties of plants
  • Promotes resistance to abiotic stress factors such as high temperatures and drought
  • Improves water uptake and nutrient supply


Silicon (SiO2) (as oligomeric silicate)


General dosage:
Foliar: 250 – 400 ml / ha  . Repeat  4- 8 times every 10 – 15 days, from first visible leaves onwards.
Fertigation: 400 – 500 ml /ha . Repeat weekly from start, 6 – 8 times during cycle.


Silic Plus is a liquid silicon formulation in the form of stabilised orthopyritic acid, the more readily available form of silicon. Silicon is an element that forms silicon complexes, which act as regulators of photosynthesis and influence a variety of enzymatic activities in plants.

Silic Plus also plays an important role in the structural strength of cell walls. When Silic Plus is applied either through the leaves or the soil, the silica is transported through the phloem or xylem, stored in the cell walls and strengthens the plant tissue, which is important for the health and performance of plants growing under living and abiotic stress conditions.

In addition, the use of Silic Plus promotes root growth and increases the uptake of water and nutrients by the roots.

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