Stim 100

Antistress osmolyte-formulation
  • Rapidly absorbed and distributed throughout the plant
  • Remains active up to 4 weeks
  • Improves photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism and mobilization in the presence of environmental stresses such as heat, drought, cold and salinity

100% Selected amino acids with osmoprotectant action

PROTECTION AGAINST ABIOTIC STRESS Foliar: 2-3Kg/hectare whenever stress environmental conditions prevail (high temperatures, drought)
PROTECTION AGAINST FROST Foliar: 2-3Kg/hectare 1st application 3-4 days before predicted frost and 2nd application 3-4 days after frost. If for any reason the 1st application is not done, 2nd application is highly recommended.

3-4Kg/hectare, Single application at beginning of flowering
Fruit Trees         
3-4Kg/hectare, Single application at mid flowering stage
Table and Wine Grapes
2-4Kg/hectare, 1st application at onset of ripening; 2nd 2 weeks later
Table Tomato
2-3Kg/hectare, 2-3 applications every 3 weeks, commencing at onset of full flowering
Process Tomato
2-3Kg/hectare, Single application at early to full flowering
2-3Kg/hectare, Apply during flowering at 3 week intervals
2-3Kg/hectare, Single application at mid-flowering stage
2-3Kg/hectare, 1st application at beginning of flowering and 2nd application 3 weeks later
2-3Kg/hectare, Single application at tuber initiation
2-3Kg/hectare, Single application at mid flowering stage
Peas and Beans
1-2Kg/hectare, Single application at onset of flowering


Stim 100 is a highly effective osmolyte-formulation that harnesses the power of four different types of osmoprotectants. Osmolytes, which are low molecular weight biomolecules, play a vital role in helping plants withstand unfavorable environmental conditions such as drought, temperature changes, frost, salt stress, and water stress, without disturbing regular plant metabolic functions.

The unique blend of Stim 100 consists primarily of the quaternary ammonium compound Trimethyl-glycine (glycine-betaine), enriched with carefully selected amino acid-based osmolytes, sugar osmolytes, and polyols. When applied to the leaves, Stim 100 significantly enables plants to efficiently regulate their water balance, mitigate the impact of drought, salt stress, temperature fluctuations, and other unfavorable conditions.

In addition to their well-known role as antioxidants, amino acids with osmolyte function also serve as signaling molecules. They play a crucial role in stabilizing proteins and protein complexes, protecting the photosynthetic process, acting as metal chelators, maintaining cellular homeostasis, providing energy for growth, and influencing programmed cell death.

By incorporating Stim 100 into your plant care regimen, you can promote plant health and resilience in the face of challenging environmental conditions.



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