Fertilisation programs​


New Vegetation
Chelan SuperLiquid complete foliar fertiliser of macro and trace elements (EDTA)1-3 applications from the start of new vegetation until before flowering2-3 lt / 1000 lt of waterTo overcome complicated deficiencies
Chelan Zn/BBoron-Zinc2 applications. 1st: before blossoming 2nd: after fruit bearing2-3 lt / 1000 lt of waterFor the shaping of flowers and their pollination
Fruit set- enlargement
KinalginCytokines and auxins1-3 applications. 1st: at the start of flowering 2nd: after petals falling 3rd: during fruits fast growth250 cc. / 1000m^2Increases the size of the fruit
Amino BTSpecial product of amino-acids2-4 applications. 1st: 3 weeks after pollination. Follow ups every 7-10 days, at the maximum of 4 applications / growing season100-150 c.c. / 1000m^2Contributes to fruit enlargement and early ripening
Fruit Growth and ripening
Chelan KLiquid fertiliser rich in potassium, in complex form with amino acids2-3 applications. 1st: at colouring. Follow ups every 10-15 days2-3 lt / 1000 lt of waterImproves the qualitative characteristics of fruits
Q-60Rich in assimilable Potassium fertiliser, enriched with amino-acids2-3 applications. 1st: at colouring. Follow ups every 10-15 daysFoliar: 2-4 kg / 1000 lt of waterIncreases sugars’ level and pre-ripening
Rachis desiccation
Chelan MgMagnesium liquid fertiliser2-3 applications. 1st: after fruit set. Follow ups every 10-15 days2-3 lt/ 1000 lt of waterPrevention of rachis desiccation
Colour enhancer
ProsugarPoly - saccharides1 application at colouring2 lt prosugar + 2 lt Poly PK /1000 lt of waterColour enhancer
Poly PKLiquid fertiliser rich in phosphorus and potassium1 application at colouring2 lt prosugar + 2 lt Poly PK /1000 lt of waterColour enhancer
CalcophosLiquid fertiliser of phosphorus and calcium2 applications. 1st: 7-10 days after application with prosugar+poly pk 2nd: 7-10 days later5 lt / 1000 lt of waterColour enhancer
Special Biostimulants
Chelan KSSpecial potassium foliar fertiliser 2-3 applications3-5 kg / 1000 lt of waterAssimilable potassium
Chelan CuVery effective Cu fertiliser in chelate form with peptides and proteins2-3 applicationsFoliar: 100 - 150 c.c / 100 lt of waterStimulates plants enzymic reactions, acts on carbohydrates metabolism, participates in photosynthesis and energy production
F-Away Potassium phosphite2 -3 applicationsFoliar: 250 - 300 cc / 100 lt of water. Fertigation: 1 -2 lt / 1000m^2Stimulates root system development, flowering and ripening
Water Soluble Fertilisers Chelan sol and Chelan sol plus
Each range consists of many fertilising combinations, all able to cover all crops necessities at all cultivate stages. Chelan fertilisers are produced from high purity raw materials in order to be applicable either by foliar sprayings or through the irrigation systems.
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