High potential growth biostimulant, rich in plant extracts


General Description

 High potential growth biostimulant, based in plant extracts. The liquid formulation includes oligo- and polysaccharides, betains, amino acids, alginic acid, enzymes and yeast extracts rich in various useful vitamins and growth activators. Vitaly promotes and improves plant growth by creating a favorable environment in the root zone of plants.

Leads to vigorous plant growth
Promotes fruit set
Increases the growth of the root system of the plants
Increases the size and uniform maturation of the fruit
Increases total yield
Analysis %(W/W)
Nitrogen (N) Total 3.5%
-> Ureic N2.8%
-> Organic N0.7%
Potassium (K2O)8.5%
Iron (Fe)*0.02%
Zinc (Zn)**0.02%
Molybdenum (Mo)0.001%
*(Fe) EDDHA **(Zn) EDTA
Application - Dosages

Fruit crops: 2-3 applications with 2-4 lt/1000m2 starting from plant new vegetation until post fruit setting.
Vegetables (Tomato, cucumber, Pepper, Watermelon – Melon, etc): Repeated applications with 2-4 lt/1000m2 with 10-15 days intervals.
Leafy Vegetables: 1-2 applications with 2-4 lt/1000m2
Strawberry: Repeated applications with 2-4 lt/1000m2